Sunday, March 14, 2010

Top Best Kids Toys For Kids 8 To 11 Years Old

Between the ages of 8 to 11, kids are shaping up their hobbies and interests. The best kids toys for this age group include a wide range of toys. Kids still prefer music, computer and video games and toys that offer a challenge to them. Fashion is a popular pastime for the girls. Here are some of the best kids toys for kids between the ages of 8 to 11.
1. Lego Wild Hunters
Now it's possible to create creatures of the wild with this awesome LEGO Wild Hunters building set. Endless building possibilities will constructively occupy your child for hours. Another winner from LEGO!

2. Hasbro ChatNow
The ChatNow is like a mini cell phone, but without the fees! This glorified walky talky can be used to stay in touch with your friends upto a 2 mile radius. Messages can be texted across, calls can be made, and pictures can be clicked with the built in digital camera. The unit runs on batteries.
3. Roboraptor
This latest hitech toy dinosaur robot from Wow Wee International is fascinating to say the least! It can do a number of functions including move forward and backward, make sounds, and sense if someone or something is near. This robot does not come without its limitations though & reminds us that we are still a long way from the space age robots. The Roboraptor is still one of the best kid's robotic toys

4. FLY Pentop Computer
This awesome invention is definitely something to talk about! With this mini computer, you can solve math problems, play musical instruments, calculate up some numbers in a jiffy and lots more. You have to use the special dot matrix paper in order for the computer to detect what's written. You can draw drums or keyboards with it, and play music with what you've drawn. Amazing!
5. Back Yard Flyer
Kids love to to play with planes, especially ones that fly. The Backyard Flyer from Kid Galaxy is loads of fun. It recharges in 10 seconds, and is ready to whiz around once again!

6. Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter
This ultra cool plane from Hasbro features working missile and bomb launchers. Overall, a pretty impressive looking plane.

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