Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creative and Educational Toys for Boys and Girls Read more at Suite101: Creative and Educational Toys for Boys and Girls: Teach Children New Skills &

Good creative and educational toys for boys and girls can be fun. Many of these will help kids throughout their school years and their working lives. Cool toys and games are a great way to learn. Try Printies, Laser Pegs, Monopoly City, and Lego Mindstorms. Educational Toys Every parent wants a smart creative kid who can do something other than click a remote control or flick a thumb on an iPod. Boys and girls everywhere should be given access to fun, challenging, educational but still entertaining toys. Here are some of the best creative toys around. Creative Toy for Girls – Printies Design Studio Craft toys are a good way to stimulate creativity and a sense of design. Printies Design Studio is a way for girls to design their own one-of-a-kind stuffed toys right at home. And there are millions of different ways for them to create their own unique designs, and then turn their images into cute stuffed dolls or stuffed animals. Printies are groovy, hip, exciting, and every girl will have fun playing around with this kit. However, the child will need access to a computer and color printer to make Printies designs. But it's really cool. Creative Toys for Boys or Girls – Laser Pegs Finally, there's something new and exciting in construction toys. Laser Pegs are a lighted construction set, and that gives these cool construction pieces a whole new dimension. The concept of Laser Pegs is a set of blocks, tubes, and odd shaped pieces that use a low voltage current as an energy source. Each plastic piece will light up as soon as it is connected to another illuminated plastic piece.

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