Sunday, March 14, 2010

American Girls Books Dolls and Accessories

Step into the past by turning the pages of a book. Visualize what it was like to be a young girl in some of the most pivotal times in America. This is what makes the American Girl collection so popular. The books, dolls and other accessories help young girls explore their world and dream of what could be and what is yet to come. American Girl Historical Characters Kaya, 1764: Kaya is a Nez Perce Indian girl growing up in the Arizona, New Mexico area before America became a country. Felicity, 1774: Felicity grows up in the heart of Williamsburg, Virginia, at the very beginning of the American Revolution. Josefina, 1824: American Girls returns to New Mexico as expansion begins on the Santa Fe Trail. Kirsten, 1854: Kirsten's family are immigrants who come to America and pioneer the American frontiers. Samantha, 1904: The Victorian Era of the early 1900's was an exciting time to be a growing young girl. There were lots of changes in the United States. This was the beginning of industrialization. Rebecca, 1914: Rebecca's family is a Jewish family who immigrated here from Russia. Rebecca was born after they immigrated, so she has American citizenship. Readers get a look into the heart of the immigration movements in New York City between WWI & WWII. Kit, 1934: Kit lives through the Great Depression. Her family struggles to make ends meet. They open their house to borders and learn some creative ways to share with others. This series is perfect for a young girl learning about money. In present day, this country's recession has a lot of similarities to the Great Depression. People are losing their homes, their jobs. Homeless shelters are seeing an increase in unmet needs. This story teaches the values of family, friendship and working together. Molly, 1944: Molly lives in the historical period during WWII. Her dad is a doctor who is oversees in Europe. The family misses dad and carries on. Her mother takes a job, and a neighbor comes in to help cook and clean for the family. Molly learns to make a Victory Garden, and collects scrap metal for the war efforts. This too, is a great series to buy for a little girl in this time period, as many young girls face the fact that their dad is away at war this year to keep the country and world safe. Julie, 1974: This is a fun and enlightening story of what life was like in the early 1970's. The Vietnam War had just ended. It is a time of great change and more freedom than America has ever experienced before. American Girl Dolls The dolls that depict each American Girl character have become very popular throughout the years. There is an American Girls store in almost every major city in the United States. A whole industry is completely devoted to creating a story behind the dolls. Each doll has a wardrobe, furniture and accessories. These dolls are not cheap, though. The average cost of an American Girl original is over $100. However, the company is dedicated to making sure the dolls are kept in top shape. Should something happen to a little girl's doll, each store has a facility similar to a doll hospital. Dolls can be repaired and refurbished if little mishaps happen. American Girl A Treasured Gift Start a little girl's collection with a set of American Girl books and the American Girl doll that goes with it. Throughout the year, for birthdays and specials occasions, continue to buy the different series of books. Keep her interested in the pages of history and the stories behind each girl. Maybe start a tradition of buying one American Girl doll each Christmas. These books and dolls will become treasured holiday gifts that will last a lifetime.

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